Start Your Trial

Creating a trial of Keeper Business and MSP

To create your Keeper Business or MSP Trial version, visit this page: ... or click on "Get Keeper Free" from our homepage at:

Start your Keeper Trial

(2) Select Business or MSP version

Select Business, MSP or Personal

(3) Fill out the form using your Business email address, and click Start Free Trial.

Start Free Trial

(4) On the next screen, you'll create your account (or if you're using an existing Keeper personal email address, you can select "Use an Existing Account").

📝 Important: At this step, please ensure that you select your desired Data Center location. US and EU data center locations are currently available.

Select Data Center Location

If you select the wrong data center region, please contact support to delete your trial and start over.

(5) Select your Administrator account Master Password.

Keeper Master Password

Ensure you select a strong Master Password that is only used for managing Keeper. If you forget your Master Password, Keeper support cannot perform a password reset due to our Zero Knowledge architecture. We recommend activating Account Recovery (via Security Question & Answer) after logging in and visiting the Settings screen.

(6) After verifying your email address and selecting a Master Password, you will be logged into the Keeper Admin Console. Click on "Admin" to add users and begin your configuration.

Admin Setup

(7) Click on "Add Users" to invite other users for your trial, or to set up additional admin accounts.

Add Users