Email Auto-Provisioning

To facilitate the rapid onboarding of Keeper to a large number of end-users such as a university, Keeper supports email auto-provisioning. For example, anyone with the email address containing the domain, can be automatically provisioned to a particular node and role within the Acme Corp Keeper Enterprise account upon creating their vault.

  1. Login to Keeper Admin Console and navigate to Admin > Provisioning

  2. Select + Add Method

  3. Select Email Auto-Provisioning then Next

After you receive confirmation from the Keeper Business Support Team that your domain has been provisioned, you can begin inviting your users.

Configuring Email Auto-Provisioning will prevent users from signing up for an account outside of the registered domain name.

You can send users a link to signup that is either pre-populated with their email address, or simply a generic link to the site. See examples below:

Alternatively users can simply visit our download page,