Email Auto-Provisioning

To facilitate the onboarding of Keeper to users with just their email address and a Master Password, use the Email Provisioning method.

For example, anyone with the email address containing the domain, can be automatically provisioned to a particular node and role within the Acme Corp Keeper Enterprise account upon creating their vault.

Email provisioning is only recommended for users setting up a Master Password authentication method. SSO-enabled nodes do not require an email provisioning method.


(1) Login to the Keeper Admin Console

(2) If you don't already have a Node created for this provisioning method, please create one by clicking "Add Node". Provisioning is not permitted in the root node.

(3) In the new node, click on Provisioning > Add Method

(4) Select Email Auto-Provisioning then Next

(5) Choose a method of domain name ownership. You can use DNS lookup or HTML file upload.

(6) Once verification is complete, the status will show as green

Inviting Users

The easiest way to invite users to sign up is to provide them a link to the vault:

US Data Center:

EU Data Center: AU Data Center:

Users simply click "Create Account" and use your company email to create your vault.

Click on Create Account

The user types in their email and clicks "Next".

User will set a Master Password.

Master Password

After the user confirms their email with a verification code, the user will be provisioned to the specified Node and Default Role in the Admin Console.

Email Verification