IP Allow Keeper

IP Listing Keeper backend communication on your network.

Outbound Ports

Global Customers: Please ensure that outbound TCP port 443 to *.keepersecurity.com is allowlisted on your firewall. Alternatively you can IP allowlist to the following IPs:

EU hosted customers: Please allowlist outbound TCP port 443 to *keepersecurity.eu. Alternatively, IP allowlisting to the following IPs:


  • keepersecurity.com

  • push.services.keepersecurity.com

  • files.services.keepersecurity.com

  • keepersecurity.eu

  • push.services.keepersecurity.eu

  • files.services.keepersecurity.eu

Keeper's high level of security and encryption model prevents man-in-the-middle attacks. If you attempt to use Keeper behind a packet inspecting firewall or proxy device, the application will not function. Or, users may receive a certificate error.

Emails from Keeper Security

To ensure that emails from Keeper Security are delivered to users with high success, we recommend allowlisting your email server filters using the below information: Domain: keepersecurity.com Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] IP Senders:

External SIEM Event Logging

If you are utilizing Keeper's automated SIEM event logging capabilities, please allowlist the below IPs:

US Data Center




EU Data Center