Why Choose Keeper Enterprise

Last updated 23 days ago

Keeper Enterprise provides the highest levels of security while at the same time providing a simple user experience - with over 15 million users worldwide, Keeper is the proven industry leader. Passwords are the single greatest cause of a data breach. 81% of data breaches are due to weak or stolen passwords. Password management solutions provide an affordable and simple way for companies to solve the root cause of most data breaches. By helping businesses to generate strong passwords, manage them and securely share them among teams, they reduce the risk of data breach significantly.

Zero-Knowledge Security Architecture

Keeper's architecture is the most secure in the industry. Built from the ground up with record-level encryption and client-side key generation, the foundation of Keeper Enterprise is built upon a model that provides least privileged access. This foundation is what gives Keeper the ability to apply the most granular level of protection to user data and enables the core features and capabilities of the product. Users, Roles, Teams, Records and Shared Folders are all protected and managed through the use of client-side generated keys. To learn more, visit Keeper Security Architecture

Fills Critical Gaps in Single Sign-On

SSO and SAML simplify login to many cloud applications, however, it does have its limitations. Keeper (with Keeper SSO Connect) complements the two major gaps with your SSO deployment:

  • Offering privileged access to applications that don’t support SAML protocols.

  • Enabling non-password use cases, such as management and sharing of digital certificates, SSH keys, API keys, secret notes, lists, files and more.

With Keeper SSO Connect, you can easily add Keeper to the apps that your IdP services. Whether you use AWS, Okta, Centrify, Ping, Jumpcloud or any other SAML 2.0 Identity Provider, Keeper will easily integrate. Keeper SSO Connect logs the user directly into their encrypted vault while maintaining true zero knowledge. Keeper SSO Connect is an on-prem hosted high availability solution that the customer hosts and manages. This architecture preserves zero knowledge and allows the end-user to authenticate directly into their vault. Read more about Keeper SSO Connect here.

Role-Based Enforcement Policies

The ability provide least privilege access to an employee is critical in the deployment of an Enterprise Password Manager. Keeper gives fine-grained control over what users are capable of accessing and managing within the platform through the use of customizable role policies. By providing a flexible role policy engine, you can lock down restrictions and access based on the risk profile of the employee. For example, you may want your IT Admins to be restricted from accessing their vault outside of the office network. Or you may want administrative assistants the ability to onboard new users, manage teams and run reports. The entire process is fully customizable through a user friendly interface. Role Enforcements Include:

  • Password Complexity Rules and Biometrics

  • Multi-Factor Authentication, Token Expiration and Device Restriction

  • IP Whitelisting, Sharing and Data Export Restrictions

  • Account Transfers (Employee offboarding and break-glass scenarios)

  • Administrative Permissions

Delegated Administration

Keeper Administrators can create organizational units (called Nodes). A role can be given Administrative permissions over the node (or sub-nodes) for which a role exists. This delegated administration allows different people in the organization to have management controls over subsets of teams of users, roles and shared folders.

Eliminate the Risk of Critical Data Loss

Keeper's Zero Knowledge Account Transfer capabilities provide Enterprise customers with the peace of mind that an employee will never walk away with critical data when they leave the organization.

Access from Any Platform or Device

Keeper is a cross-platform solution that provides full capabilities from every major platform and device including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. Browser plugins are compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

The Keeper Administrator can restrict vault access to specific platforms based on security requirements of the enterprise. End-user vault applications can be used completely independent of one another, or used together. For example, using the Web Vault or Desktop Application does not require the installation of a browser plugin.

Increase Productivity Gains

There's a significant productivity gain by rolling out a password manager since 50% of help desk calls are estimated to be password related. When employees don't need to worry about remembering passwords, the cost savings are massive.

Meet Compliance Needs

Compliance is becoming even more complex with requirements mandating internal control policies and standards. An enterprise password management product solves many of the pain points in enforcing complex passwords and safeguarding of data that is protected by these passwords. Keeper is SOC 2 Compliant, GDPR Compliant, GSA Certified, SAM Certified and TRUSTe Certified.