Commander CLI


Keeper Commander is an open source command-line CLI, scripting tool and Python SDK interface to Keeper. Most of the Keeper platform including Vault, Admin Console, Secrets Manager, Automator and other areas of the platform can be controlled, scripted and automated through this tool.

The Commander platform is Zero Knowledge, just like all our other applications. It interfaces with the Keeper backend using the same APIs and cryptographic functions as our client applications. This tools helpful for customers who are looking for enhanced automation, integration and batch processing.

Use Cases

  • Access your Keeper vault through a CLI

  • Generate passwords and check password strength

  • Import and export vault records

  • Manage records, folders, shared folders, one-time shares

  • Customize integration into your backend systems

  • Provision new Enterprise user accounts and shared folders

  • Manage nodes, roles, teams and users

  • Approve devices

  • Schedule and automate commands

  • Initiate remote connections (such as SSH and RDP)

  • Migrate from LastPass, Secret Server, KeePass and other products

  • Manage MSP licensing and client tenants

Visit the Commander documentation to learn more.

Installation and Setup

Visit the Keeper Commander installation page:

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