Browser Extension (KeeperFill)

KeeperFill makes it easy to login, save passwords and access your vault on web browsers.


The KeeperFill browser extension can be installed directly by the user or pushed to users by the Keeper administrator.

Direct Install from App Stores

The latest KeeperFill Browser Extension can be installed by users at the links below, or by visiting the Keeper download page. Chrome, Brave, Opera and other Chromium-based Browsers: Firefox: Microsoft Edge:


Admin Deployment

Chrome, Edge and Firefox deployment guides are linked below:

Deployment with MDM Platforms

For environments where devices are managed through platforms such as Microsoft Intune or Jamf.

Offline / Direct Downloads

If your group policy does not support installation of extensions, your SCCM administrator may be able to use the below links to push the extensions or directly:

Direct package install is not recommended for most environments. Using app store management portals such as Google Admin are preferred.

End-User Guides

User guides are available for every web browser at the links below:

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