Commander CLI/SDK

Keeper Commander CLI for Managed Service Providers

Keeper Commander is a command-line and SDK interface which can be used to control your Keeper environment and automate many different functions of the platform. Commander provides hundreds of features which apply to both individual enterprise tenants and MSP tenants.

To set up and install Keeper Commander, visit this documentation:

Some of Commander's MSP-specific commands are listed below.

MSP Commands


msp-info or mi

Display MSP details

msp-down or md

Refresh local MSP data from server

msp-license or ml

View and manage MSP licenses

msp-add or ma

Creates Managed Company

msp-remove or mrm

Removes Managed Company


Generate MSP Billing Reports


Switch context to run commands as a managed company


Switch context to run commands as MSP


Convert an enterprise node into a managed company


Copy role enforcements from MSP to MCs


Options for managed MSPs. Edit licenses and view msp and mc details.

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