Migrating from LastPass

Keeper has created tools to assist in migration from LastPass to Keeper.

Basic Migration

For environments where each user is transferring their private LastPass passwords to Keeper, our automated import tool will assist.

Keeper's LastPass import tool automatically imports all passwords, folders, TOTP codes and file attachments from the LastPass vault.

(1) Download Keeper Desktop from: https://keepersecurity.com/download

(2) Login to Keeper Desktop using SSO or your email and master password.

(3) Click on your account email in the upper right-hand corner.

(4) Click Settings > Import > LastPass.

(5) Enter your LastPass credentials. Keeper recognizes if you're using SSO for login and you'll be asked to sign in to the identity provider through your usual SSO workflow. Keeper also supports migration if you're using a master password and 2FA at LastPass.

(6) Review the import and map fields if necessary and click Import.

Note: If you're using a Security Key with your LastPass account, switch to TOTP or some other MFA method first.

Advanced Migration

For environments where there are many Shared Folders, the LastPass Administrator can transition folders to Keeper using the instructions below.

(1) As the LastPass administrator, you can migrate passwords, folders, and Shared Folders using Keeper Commander. To install and run Keeper Commander see these instructions.

(2) Follow the instructions in this guide to migrate shared folders and permissions. As described in this page, the apply-membership command can be run over and over as your users are creating their Keeper vault accounts, to apply the share permissions to those users.

(3) After the users have received their Shared Folders from LastPass, they can also import their private passwords by visiting the Keeper Desktop > Settings > Import > LastPass screen.

On this screen, there is a checkbox called "Include shared folders" which defaults to OFF, so that end-users will only import their owned records. If the end-user checks the box, they may end up importing shared folders that were created in Step 4.

After the users have transitioned to Keeper and imported their passwords, you can remove their access to LastPass.

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