Record and File Sharing

Individual record and file sharing in the Keeper Vault

Share a Record

A Keeper record can contain credentials, files, two-factor codes, or any type of content. Keeper records can be shared individually with other users. In the example below, the record contains a login/password, Passkey (for MFA), a file attachment and a two-factor code.

Click the Share button.

From the "Add People" tab, click within the email address field and search or type the email address of the Keeper user you would like to share the record with.

Click the dropdown arrow to set their permission level (can edit, share, edit & share, view only and transfer ownership) and click Add.

Sharing within an existing Keeper Enterprise tenant does not require any further steps. If you are sharing with a person outside of the tenant, you will first need to establish a "sharing relationship". The user will receive an email prompting them to login to Keeper and either accept or deny the share request. Once you establish a sharing relationship, the user will appear in the email dropdown list.

User Permissions

User Permissions are designed to control the permissions a user has over the record that is shared with them.

Permission NamePermission Level

Can Edit

User can edit this record

Can Share

User can share this record

Can Edit & Share

User can edit and share this record

View Only

User can only view the record

Transfer Ownership

User will obtain ownership of the record and control the user permissions

Administrative Controls

The use of record and file sharing can be restricted by the Keeper Administrator in the Roles section of the Keeper Admin Console.

Commander CLI

Record sharing commands are available from the Keeper Commander CLI tool. This provides advanced users with the ability to script and automate any sharing actions.

For more info, see: Commander Sharing Commands

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