SSO / SAML Authentication

Federate login to Keeper with any SAML 2.0 compatible identity provider (IdP)


Keeper integrates with any SAML 2.0 compatible identity provider such as Okta, Microsoft Azure, Google Workspace, Centrify, OneLogin, Ping Identity, JumpCloud and more.

We offer two different SSO implementations: SSO Connect Cloud and SSO Connect On-Prem. Both implementations provide Zero Knowledge encryption with seamless authentication for end-users. We recommend SSO Connect Cloud for most customers.

SSO Connect Cloud

Keeper SSO Connect Cloud is the latest Cloud-based architecture which can be configured with your identity provider to authenticate and provision users in a matter of minutes. To read the SSO Connect Cloud setup guide, see the link below:

SSO Connect On-Prem

SSO Connect On-Prem is a self-hosted integration that requires either a Windows or Linux hosted application server. To read about the SSO Connect On-Prem configuration, see the link below:

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