JumpCloud Provisioning

Keeper supports SAML 2.0 Authentication and SCIM provisioning with JumpCloud


This guide covers JumpCloud Automated Provisioning with SCIM which will update and deactivate Keeper user accounts as changes are made in JumpCloud.

You can configure SCIM without SSO or SSO+SCIM


To setup Keeper user provisioning with JumpCloud®, you need to have access to the Keeper Admin Console and a JumpCloud® Admin account.

User Provisioning SSO+SCIM

IMPORTANT: If you want your users to authenticate via SSO / SAML 2.0 with JumpCloud, you must first configure and install Keeper SSO Connect with JumpCloud. View the full SSO Connect setup guides: SSO Connect Cloud: https://docs.keeper.io/sso-connect-cloud/ SSO Connect On-Prem: https://docs.keeper.io/sso-connect-guide/ Once Complete, proceed to Step 8: in the guide below.

If you just want to provision users via SCIM provisioning without SSO, proceed to the guide below.

User Provisioning (SCIM)

Configuration Steps

Step 1: Add SCIM Provisioning Method for JumpCloud®

Navigate to your Keeper Admin console and add the SCIM Provisioning Method to your desired "Node".

Step 2: Select SCIM Provisioning Method

Select "SCIM (System for Cross-Domain Identity Management)" and select "Next".

Step 3: Generate SCIM Token

At the next screen select "Generate" to generate your Token to connect your SCIM provisioning method.

Step 4: Save SCIM Provisioning Method

At the next screen, you will be presented with your URL and Token. You will need this information, for future use, to configure the SCIM section of the Keeper SSO Application within JumpCloud®. Select "Save".

You will now see your SCIM Provisioning Method in a Pending State.

Step 5: Add Keeper Application to JumpCloud®

Navigate to your JumpCloud® Admin Console -> SSO and select the Plus Sign to add Keeper Password Manager to the list of your SSO applications.

Step 6: Configure Keeper Application

On the "Configure New SSO Application" page, search for Keeper Security in the search bar. Select Configure on the right hand side of Keeper Application.

Step 7: Activate Keeper Application

Under "General Info", provide your Keeper application a Display Label such as "Keeper EPM" in the provided field and then select "activate".

You will now see your Keeper application in an active status.

Step 8: Configure SCIM within Keeper Application

Click on the active Keeper application and within the Keeper App Configuration, scroll down to the bottom and select "Configure" under the "Identity Management Section".

Step 9: Activate SCIM

This is where you will supply the previously generated URL and Token within the SCIM Provisioning Method in your Keeper Admin Console.

To enable Team Provisioning, click on "Enable management of User Groups..."

Step 10: Save Keeper Application

Select "save".

User and Team provisioning with JumpCloud is complete. Moving forward, new users who have been configured to use Keeper, in JumpCloud and are within the provisioning scope definitions, will receive invites to utilize the Keeper Vault and will be under the control of JumpCloud.

SCIM-provisioned teams are not immediately created but rather put into a “Pending Queue” where they are finalized by one of several approval methods.

Click here to read about Team and User Approvals

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