Browser Extension (KeeperFill)

KeeperFill makes it easy to login, save passwords and access your vault on web browsers.


The KeeperFill browser extension can be installed directly by the user or pushed to users through Group Policy. Administrators can also push the Chrome browser extension to users through the Google Admin console. The Safari extension is bundled with the Keeper Desktop application for Mac OS.

Direct Install from App Stores

Note: Legacy Edge is not supported and has been deprecated by Microsoft. Please use Edge Chromium.
Safari: The Safari browser extension is bundled with the Keeper Desktop application for macOS. This can be installed from the Mac App Store or the .dmg installer.

Deployment through Group Policy

See the below sub-sections for group policy deployment of KeeperFill:

Offline / Direct Downloads

If your group policy does not support installation of extensions, your SCCM administrator can use the below links to push the extensions or directly:
Direct Chrome package install is not recommended. Use your Google Admin platform to deploy the extension or use group policy.

App Store Deployment

Please see the documentation of the respective app stores to learn about deploying a browser extension to users in your Enterprise at the links below:
Additional group policy deployment options are documented in the next section.

End-User Guides

User guides are available for every web browser at the links below: