Security Audit
Password security strength reporting in the Admin Console
In each end-user's vault, the Security Audit screen provides information about the password strength and password reuse taking place. Desktop and mobile devices provide security audit data. Keeper's Password "strength" is a calculated score based on the complexity of the password, with a score rating between 0 and 100 according to the below metrics:
Very Weak: < 20 Weak: 20-40 Good: 40-60 Strong: 60-80 Very Strong: 80+
Security Audit
To preserve Zero Knowledge, the summary of each end-user Security Audit score is encrypted with the Enterprise Public Key, then stored encrypted in the Keeper Cloud.
When the Admin logs into the Admin Console, the Audit Data is decrypted locally on the Admin Console device and made available for administrators in an aggregated format from the "Security Audit" screen.
Security Audit
The Security Audit screen provides summary and user-level security score information that includes:
  • Record Password Strength
  • Unique Record Passwords
  • Use of Two-Factor Authentication
  • Overall Security Score
In addition to Security Score, Keeper also provides a Dark Web scan summary of end-user passwords through the BreachWatch secure add-on.
BreachWatch Secure Add-On
BreachWatch alerts can be configured in the Advanced Reporting & Alerts module to alert users and Administrators when a password has been found on the dark web.
BreachWatch Reporting
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