Developer API / SDK Tools

Keeper maintains a robust open source SDK for many command-line, integration and DevOps use cases.

Secrets Manager

Keeper Secrets Manager provides your DevOps, IT Security and software development teams with a fully cloud-based, Zero-Knowledge platform for managing all of your infrastructure secrets such as API keys, Database passwords, access keys, certificates and any type of confidential data.

Secrets Manager CLI

The Keeper Secrets Manager CLI ("KSM CLI") provides core Secrets Manager Vault interaction from a terminal, shell script or any software that can be launched from a shell.

Secrets Manager SDKs (Java, JavaScript, .Net, GoLang)

The Keeper Secrets Manager SDKs are purpose-built to provide extremely simple, fast and efficient access to Secrets Management functionality from all popular languages.

Secrets Manager CI/CD Integrations

Keeper Secrets Manager integrates into popular CI/CD platforms and development environments. Use Keeper Secrets Manager to inject secrets into your build processes, and remove hard-coded credentials from your environments. Support for Docker, Kubernetes, Github Actions, Terraform, PowerShell and more.

Commander CLI / SDK (Python)

Keeper Commander is a command-line and SDK interface that can be used to access and control your Keeper vault and perform administrative functions. Supports both CLI and batch mode.

.Net Vault SDK

Developer SDK in .Net for basic vault access and administrative functions.

PowerShell CLI

Keeper's PowerShell command-line tool (PowerCommander) provides basic vault access and administrative functions: For more advanced command line capabilities, please refer to the Python-based Commander CLI.

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