CI/CD Integrations provided with Keeper Secrets Manager
Keeper Secrets Manager integrates into popular CI/CD platforms and development environments. Use Keeper Secrets Manager to inject secrets into your build processes, and remove hard-coded credentials from your environments.


A collection of Ansible plugins that interact with your Keeper account and can be used in your automations.


Retrieve secrets from the Keeper Vault within BitBucket Pipelines.

Docker Image

The Secrets Manager CLI can be used to pull secrets from a Docker image at runtime, or it can be used by building it into the docker image.

Docker Runtime

Keeper Secrets Manager integrates with the Docker Runtime so that you can dynamically retrieve a secret from the vault when the container executes.

GitHub Actions

This action securely retrieves secrets from Keeper and places them to the desired destination of the GitHub Actions runner such as an environment variable, output parameters of the step or to a file.


Bring secret credentials into your GitLab Pipeline builds using Keeper's Secrets Manager GitLab plugin.


Store Glyptodon connection credentials in the Keeper Vault and easily use them in Glyptodon.


The Jenkins plugin for Keeper Secrets Manager allows you retrieve secrets from the Keeper Vault and place the values into environmental variables or files within the builder and workflow pipelines.


Keeper Secrets Manager can be integrated into your K8s cluster for accessing Keeper secrets in real-time across all pods.


The Keeper Terraform Plugin utilizes Keeper Secrets Manager to provide access to secret credentials saved in the Keeper Vault. The Keeper Terraform plugin allows for injecting secrets directly into Terraform builds securely using Keeper's zero-knowledge infrastructure.

Azure DevOps

Securely retrieve secrets from the Keeper Vault and use them in Azure DevOps pipelines. Remove hardcoded values, fetch secure files, and keep all your build credentials in the Keeper Vault.


Use Keeper Secrets Manager SDKs to bring secret credentials and files securely into Heroku builds.

Hashicorp Vault

Access and manage secrets in Keeper from the Hashicorp Vault using our plugin.

CLI Tools

Use Keeper Secrets Manager in a CLI environment. Build scripts that securely utilize your secrets, or easily access Secrets Manager functionality from your terminal.


The Keeper Secrets Manager PowerShell plugin utilizes Microsoft PowerShell's Secret Management module to inject secrets from the Keeper Vault into your PowerShell scripts.

Secrets Manager CLI

The Keeper Secrets Manager CLI ("KSM CLI") provides core Secrets Manager Vault interaction from a terminal, shell script or any software that can be launched from a shell.
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