Keeper Family Plan

This guide provides an overview of Keeper's Family Plan, including how to sign up, invite family members and accept account invitations.

Overview & Benefits

Families share nearly everything – documents, photos, videos, website accounts, bank info, social media, security system codes and personal identification numbers. Keeper Family Plan allows you to securely store and share this information between family members with ease.

The major features and benefits that are included with the Keeper Family Plan:

  • Up to 5 Family Members with Private Vaults

  • Minimum 10GB Secure File Storage

  • Unlimited Password Storage

  • Unlimited Devices & Sync

  • Secure Record Sharing

Signing Up

Signing up for Keeper Family Plan is easy and can be done by visiting our Family Plan page, simply click "Buy Now" to get started. You will then be asked to enter your email address which will be used to create and login to your Keeper account.

At the checkout page, you can make the following customizations to your plan:

Upon submitting payment, check your inbox for an email from Keeper Security inviting you to create your Keeper account.

Invite Family Members

Once you have logged into your Keeper account, inviting family members to join is easy and can be done from a desktop (Web Vault, Desktop App) or mobile device (iOS, Android).

From your Account Dropdown click Account > Subscription > Manage.

Your available/remaining number of family invites will be listed on this screen.

Enter the email(s) of the family member(s) you would like to invite, then click Send. This will generate an email inviting the user to setup their private Keeper account.

Once sent, you can view the status of each invite and click the more options icon (three horizontal dots) to resend or delete the invite.

Accept a Keeper Invite

If someone in your family has invited you to join Keeper, will receive an email from Keeper Security, (Subject: Keeper Invitation) inviting you to set up your own, private account.

To set up your account, click Get Started.

You will then be directed to Keeper's "Create Your Keeper Account" page.

To create your Keeper account, first enter your email address then you will be asked to create and confirm a Master Password which will be the only password you have to remember. We recommend that you choose a strong Master Password that is only used for Keeper -- don't forget your Master Password!

To finalize your account and proceed to your vault, you will be asked to enter the security verification code that was sent to your email.

Once you have created your account, use our Quick Start Guides to help you set up your new Keeper account.

Share Records

Once an invited family member has created a Keeper account, records can be shared with them.

To share a record, simply click Share.

Enter the email address(es) of the family member(s) you would like to share the record with or select their email(s) from the dropdown menu.

To learn more about Sharing, click here.

Keeper for Business

While Keeper Family Plan is perfect for families, Keeper Business Plan is best suited for your business organization. Keeper has purposefully created different plans to fit the unique needs of all types of users. That is why Keeper has a dedicated Business Plan, specializing in protecting companies of all sizes across every industry.

Only Keeper for Business/Enterprise offers the following world-class features, specifically designed for business environments:

  • Shared Team Folders

  • Enforcement Policies

  • Security Audit

  • Role-Based Access

  • Activity Reporting

  • Team Management

  • Unlimited Users (billed per user)

To learn more about Keeper for Business click here.

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