Developer Tools
Keeper Developer SDK / API for Vault & Admin Integration
Keeper maintains a robust open source SDK for many command-line, integration and DevOps use cases.

Secrets Manager

Keeper Secrets Manager provides your DevOps, IT Security and software development teams with a fully cloud-based, Zero-Knowledge platform for managing all of your infrastructure secrets such as API keys, Database passwords, access keys, certificates and any type of confidential data.
Common use cases for Secrets Manager include:
    Removing hard-coded credentials from source code
    Replacing configuration file secrets
    Pulling secrets into CI/CD systems like Jenkins, GitHub Actions and More
    Protecting access to privileged passwords, API keys and other managed secrets.
    Providing vault access to machines and applications
Keeper Secrets Manager (showing Python example)

Keeper Commander CLI

Keeper Commander is a command-line and SDK interface to Keeper® Password Manager. Commander can be used to access and control your Keeper vault, perform administrative functions (such as end-user onboarding and data import/export), launch remote sessions, rotate passwords, eliminate hardcoded passwords and more. Keeper Commander is an open source project with contributions from Keeper's engineering team and partners.
Keeper Commander CLI
The Github repo can be found here:

.Net SDK

Keeper's .Net Commander tool provides basic vault access, a developer SDK for vault access and administrative functions:

PowerShell CLI

Keeper's PowerShell command-line tool (PowerCommander) provides basic vault access and administrative functions: For more advanced command line capabilities, please refer to the Python-based Commander CLI.
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