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Keeper MSP - Where to go from here
The Keeper MSP guide covered functionality specific to the MSP environment. Visit our other guides that go into depth on the end-user and administrator experience.

​💻 User Guides

iOS, Android, Web Vault, Desktop App (Mac, Windows, Linux) and KeeperFill Browser Extensions

​💻 Enterprise Admin Guide

Administrator guide for Keeper Business and Keeper Enterprise customers.​​

​💻 Keeper SSO Connect™ Cloud

100% cloud-based integration with SAML 2.0 Identity Providers for seamless authentication.​​

​💻 Keeper Commander

Command-line tools and SDK interface.

​💻 Keeper Secrets Manager

Cloud-based secrets management platform for IT Admins, DevOps & Developers.

​💻 AD Bridge Guide

Active Directory and LDAP bridge guide for provisioning users, roles, teams.

​🗒 Release Notes

Full release notes and version history across Keeper platforms.

​☕ Security & Encryption Model

Read about Keeper's security and encryption model.

​📡 System Status

Live system status, monitoring and alerts with notification signup.