User and Team Provisioning

User provisioning is flexible and powerful with Keeper Enterprise based on your directory and complexity of the organizational structure.

Keeper Enterprise can provision users through many different methods that are described here in detail.

Provisioning Methods Supported

  • Manual Provisioning through the Admin Console

  • Active Directory / LDAP Provisioning with the AD Bridge

  • Okta, Azure AD, Google G Suite, OneLogin Provisioning with SCIM

  • API Provisioning with SCIM

  • Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0) Authentication and Provisioning with Keeper SSO Connect

  • Email Auto-Provisioning for large-scale deployments

  • CLI Provisioning with Commander SDK

Node Separation

Each node and sub-node within the Keeper deployment can provision users with completely different provisioning methods. For example, Finance and Sales & Marketing can use Single Sign-On, and Engineering can use Active Directory.

Adding a Provisioning Method

Navigate to the Node which you would like to provision users. Then click on the "Provisioning" tab and click "Add Method".

Adding a Provisioning Method

Stacking Provisioning Methods

A node can contain one or more provisioning methods. For example, you can provision users with Active Directory and authenticate the users with Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0) integration.