Backend API Version 15.2.2

Released February 15, 2021


  • KA-3809: Improved logging for support team

  • KA-3812: Ability to perform verbose SCIM logging

  • KA-3795: Improved behavior of "Stay Logged In" for browser extension users.

  • KA-3792: Improved speed and performance

  • KA-3797: Improved speed related to Trash Can view

Bug Fixes

  • KA-3787: Improved query performance on the backend

  • KA-3796: Invalid 2FA code returns invalid error message to user

  • KA-3784: Attempt to add a user to a shared folder doesn't add the user in local folder view

  • KA-3802: Error processing large number of SSO Cloud Admin Approvals

  • KA-3801: Adding users via customer-specific provisioning method generates Server 500 error

  • KA-3808: Some records do not return user information in "Last modified" record history information.

  • KA-3824: New records are not visible to all team members of a shared folder

  • KA-3790: Denying a Keeper Push via 2FA method caused approval

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