Backend API Version 16.0.8

Released on Jun 25, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • KA-4097: Australia data center unable to perform Vault Transfer

  • KA-4077: Support RFC7159 "Accept: application/json" and "Accept: application/scim+json"

  • KA-4078: Support for Account Recovery of expired free users.

  • KA-4055: Support for Account Recovery of SSO users with clients implementing Login V3

  • KA-4103: Vault login not properly redirecting the user to the proper datacenter upon clicking on the device approval link.


  • KA-3800: Implemented Role Enforcement policies for Record Type creation

  • KA-4074: Improved Session Invalidation upon the following events:

    • Changed 2FA

    • Change master password

    • User locked by Enterprise Admin

    • User locked by Keeper Support

    • Device locked by Enterprise Admin

    • Enterprise user deleted

    • User deleted via SCIM

    • Enterprise deleted

    • MSP managed company deleted

    • MSP managed company removed

  • KA-4080: In case of downstream SMS 2FA provider failure, Keeper can offer support for email delivery of 2FA codes.

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