Backend API Version 15.0.7

Released on August 13, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • KA-3094: Improved handling of SSO data for users when moved out of SSO node and back into SSO node (retains data).

  • KA-3103: Editing a shared folder name or color changes default permissions.

  • KA-3093: Very slow login when thousands of shared folders are present in the vault.

  • KA-3099: Improved handling of migration from US to EU data centers

  • KA-2960: Addition of alias_add event for adding alias username/emails

  • KA-3097: Improved handling of login to US SSO account from EU vault

  • KA-3074: Added events for Device Approval

  • KA-3110: Prevent admin from moving user from on-prem SSO to Cloud SSO

  • KA-3022: Submitting verification code for pending invited user returning 403 error


  • Backend support for Keeper SSO Connect Cloud

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