Backend API Version 14.11.0

Released March 30, 2020

Subsequent release 14.11.1 is also included in the following release notes.

Features & Benefits

  • API implementation allowing Enterprise Admins to disable 2FA for their users so they no longer have to contact support to do so.

  • Admins able to set a role enforcement preventing users of the browser extension to enable Auto Submit and Prompt to Fill features.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: DUO 2FA experiencing intermittent failures.

  • Fixed: Push server is not re-registering after a fail to connect to database and is removed from database table too quickly preventing users to successfully login.

  • Fixed: Error received when converting nodes to Managed Company if user data is present.

  • Fixed: MSPs unable to pause Managed Companies as expected.

  • Fixed: Issue causing the new push servers to incorrectly handle the DNA push token.

  • Fixed: "auth_failed" appearing in Admin Console due to invalid session token detection when outbound IPs are load balanced.

  • Fixed: Spaces in 2FA backup code result in "server_failure".

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