Backend API Version 14.9.0

Released November 28, 2019 | December 13, 21 & 23, 2019 | January 2 & 27, 2020

Subsequent releases 14.9.1, 14.9.2, 14.9.3, 14.9.4, 14.9.5. 14.9.6 14.9.7, 14.9.8, 14.9.9, 14.9.10 and 14.9.11 are also included in the following release notes.

Features & Benefits

  • Enabled IP range based MFA prompt rules (NCINO).

  • KeeperApp now responds to "/api" prefaced commands.

  • Support for LogRhythm SIEM provider.

  • API implementation for node to Managed Company conversion.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: "Bad_request" error message received on login containing ".con" in email field.

  • Fixed: Error occurs when user links a record from one shared folder to another.

  • Fixed: Text key visible in error message when a user attempts to add a record to the same shared folder it already resides in.

  • Fixed: An issue blocking clients that don't send in a user agent.

  • Fixed: An issue causing BreachWatch API to reject IE submissions.

  • Fixed: Crash occurs during login to various Managed Company accounts.

  • Fixed: User receives an SSO error message after they are moved out of an SSO for the purpose of recovering their Master Password.

  • Fixed: SSO new user/device access check initiates for SSO Connect >14.1.3.

  • Fixed: When enabling account transfer permissions and enforcement, the MSP loses the ability to launch into the Managed Company.

  • Fixed: Unable to move Managed Company to sub nodes without errors.

  • Fixed: Issue preventing imported records from inheriting the default folder settings.

  • Fixed: MSP receives "missing_keys" error when attempting to assign a user to a role with administrative permission.

  • Fixed: Error message displaying key values is received in Enterprise Console when a user attempts to add SCIM provisioning method to the Bridge.

  • Fixed: Support for enterprise client tool version.

  • Fixed: Managed Companies are duplicated when filtered by node.

  • Fixed: Some users in SSO nodes are unable to login as expected.

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