Browser Extension Version 16.1.0

Published on Dec 5, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • BE-4278: Expiration dates from payment card records not filling properly

  • BE-4256: Ensure minimum default password strength on "change password" screens is 20 characters.

  • BE-3920: Remember Email setting does not work

  • BE-4318: User gets infinite spinner when typing password wrong 2 times

  • BE-4319: User logged out with "throttle" error after attempting to on/off logout timer

  • BE-4304: User sometimes logged out from "throttle"

  • BE-4334: Error when logging into the extension when a URL contains a comma

  • BE-4335: Form filling issue on

  • BE-4337, BE-4338: Remove old unused code references to resolve flagged vulnerabilities on (

  • BE-4301: Support for new login flows

  • BE-4291: Autofilling Facebook in German website does not fill

  • BE-4292: URLs with port numbers in the value are not showing properly on search results

  • BE-4346: Resolve login issues with

  • BE-4344: Payment cards and addresses are auto-submitting, this should not occur.

  • BE-4355: BE does not enforce "require re-authentication" enforcement

  • BE-4301: Support for new Twitter login flow

  • BE-4314: Payment card filling broken on craigslist


  • Several improvements for 508 compliance: Focus events, Voiceover, Labels and Field Instruction

  • BE-4332: Improved syncing in environments with thousands of shared records among thousands of users.

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