Browser Extension Version 16.4.0

Released on April 2, 2022

Features & Improvements

  • BE-4326: Support for High Contrast (Dark Mode)

You can now activate Dark Mode in the Settings > Themes screen

  • BE-4316: Color indicators show on the list of records

  • BE-4329: Combined Stay Logged In and Logout Timers

To simplify the user experience, we have merged the Logout Timer and Stay Logged In setting into a new "Security" settings screen.

When logging in or registering for an account on a website with no stored credentials, Keeper provides the user with a user experience that quickly and seamlessly creates the vault record. The user is first presented with a list of possible email addresses to use for the login field.

Select Email

On the password field, the user can instantly generate a password.

Generate Password

If you already know the password, when you start to type Keeper will allow you to instantly save the information, making it super easy to capture existing passwords.

Type and Save Password

This new workflow also solves another pain point for users by allowing the saving of credentials on single-page application websites such as, and thousands of similar sites.

Saved Record

In addition to this workflow, we have also introduced Folder Selection so you can save a record directly to a private or shared folder without having to leave the current page. This highly requested capability is included in several workflows and will be incorporated into other areas of the browser extension moving forward.

Folder Selection

While saving the new record, you can also directly set the "Autofill" and "Autosubmit" options.

Autofill and Auto Submit Settings

This new workflow can be controlled through a new Settings screen called "Autofill Suggestions":

Autofill Suggestions

Bug Fixes

  • BE-4407: 2FA code filling on

  • BE-4409: Improved behavior on login with "blocked" account status

  • BE-4408: Google social login button being clicked by Autofill

  • BE-4405: AWS multi-page login improvements

  • BE-4384: Improved filling of "textarea" form field types

  • BE-4350: Filling 2FA codes that are separated between different input fields such as

  • BE-3937: Autofill causing errors on

  • BE-4462: Search crashing from corrupt record data

  • BE-4411: If user has "Block 3rd party cookies" setting turned on, the extension screen is not visible.

Known Issues

  • Changes made to Autofill and auto-submit settings are not activated until the next logout/login

  • Few visual issues with Dark Mode

  • Enterprise Users with Vault Transfer enabled are not immediately logged into the browser extension upon first acceptance. Logout/login is required.

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