Browser Extension Version 12.4.0

Released on July 19, 2019

This is a major feature and bug fix release for the Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari browser extensions. This release has been published on Chrome and Firefox as of July 19, 2019. Microsoft Edge and Safari will be live as soon as they are approved by the App Store, ETA July 21, 2019.

Features & Benefits

  • Only show Lock Icon on Login and Registration Forms Feedback from customers is that the "Lock Icon" is showing on too many fields in websites and applications. With this update, the lock icons will only show on Login and Registration form fields. If accessing the extension is required on a field in which Keeper is not showing the lock, you can simply use the new right-click menu.

  • Location of Popups Based on customer feedback, we have moved the "Prompt to Save", "Prompt to Fill", "Prompt to Change" and "Prompt to Login" dialogs to the top right section of the web browser window, instead of obstructing the view over the login form. You can customize the location and animation that is used when displaying the popup screens. Visit the Settings -> Prompt Appearance screen.

  • Right-Click Menu You can now access many different and useful filling functions from the new Right-Click Menu. Fill logins, payment cards, addresses, and create new passwords with just one click.

  • Credit Card and Identity Info can now be filled on sites without the restriction of requiring a password stored for that site.

Bug Fixes

  • Autofill issues on several reported sites

  • Locks appearing in non-login forms

  • Improvements to the Admin Console enforcement policy to disable KeeperFill on specific sites/domains

  • Improved checks to prevent ability to fill a password into a non-password field

  • Record moved into a shared folder not recognized by extension until logout/login

  • Creating new address or payment record not appearing immediately

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