Browser Extension Version 15.0.5

Estimated Release Date February 5, 2021


  • BE-3506: Implemented KeeperFill role enforcement policy that enforces all settings/features of the Browser Extension

Bug Fixes

  • BE-3637: Error message appears when logging into US SSO after been logged into EU SSO

  • BE-3378: Logging into EU SSO Vault fails to simultaneously log user into browser extension

  • BE-3335: Extension closes Vault after logging in with Yubikey 2FA

  • BE-3113: Character length doesn't update when user clicks on dice icon in record view

  • BE-3040: Copying masked note or custom field copies the wrong values

  • BE-3020: Password strength indicator doesn't work as expected

  • BE-3014: Fill button is not active when user attempts to fill password from browser extension

  • BE-3685: Character checkboxes don't function as expected

  • BE-3710: Users are unable to save Vault records with v15 extension on Beta Edge on Linux

  • BE-3699: Infinite spinner appears after user sets up DUO for US SSO Cloud account

  • BE-3389: Denying DUO push doesn't close DUO screen

  • BE-3736: Record match doesn't appear at corresponding website when the site's URL is entered in the custom field

  • BE-3734: Error message persists after user attempts to save record after filling out the password field

  • BE-3738: User experiences infinite loop at

  • BE-3794: Custom field matching doesn't work with subdomains

  • BE-3811: RSA 2FA method doesn't allow alphanumeric codes

  • BE-1873: Chrome browser extension causes errors on Dynamics 365 CRM tool

  • BE-3815: User receives an infinite spinner after clicking back button on device approval

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