Import from Proton Pass

Instructions on how to import passwords from Proton Pass to Keeper


To import from Proton Pass, you must export your passwords first.

(1) Open the Proton Pass browser extension for Chrome or Firefox and click Settings.

(2) Click on the Export tab. Ensure "Encrypt your Proton Pass data export file" is unchecked.

(3) Click Export. A file title "Proton Pass_export_[date].zip" will be saved to your computer's downloads.


(1) Log into the Keeper Web Vault or Desktop App.

(2) Click on your account email in the upper right-hand corner.

(3) Click on Settings > Import.

(4) Choose Proton Pass from the list of password managers.

(5) Drag-and-drop the exported zip file into the target window "Drop a File Here".

(6) If you intend to share all first level folders, check the box "Import Root Level Folders as Shared". By selecting this option, all first level folders will become shared.

(7) Click Import.

Make sure to delete the local Proton Pass zip file from your computer.

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