Social Media Management

This guide will review Keeper's most common use cases for social media management.

For the examples below, the site "X" (Twitter) will be used, however, Keeper works across all social media platforms.

Create a Record

Web & Desktop App

To create a new record from Keeper's Web Vault or Desktop App, click the Create New > Record. Select a record type from the dropdown menu and enter a record "Title".

Enter the record details including your username, password and URL (if it wasn't auto-generated for you). Use Keeper's password generator by clicking on the dice to create a strong, random password or enter your existing password. Click Save when done.


You can also create new records using the KeeperFill Browser Extension, which allows you to autofill your passwords and save new login credentials to your vault. KeeperFill is available for every web browser. Download KeeperFill for your browser by visiting our Downloads Page.

To create a record while at the site's login page, click the Add Record button in the KeeperFill toolbar. This “quick add” functionality will auto-generate a record “Title” and “URL” based on the website you are visiting.

Use Keeper's password generator by clicking on the dice to create a strong, random password or enter your existing password.

Using Keeper's password generator will NOT automatically change the website's existing login password. You must visit the website's "Change Password" page to update the old password to match the new, stronger password.

Make any necessary edits to the record details and click Save when done.

Launch and Autofill Log In

Next time you need to log in to a site, you can quickly launch the record's website from your web or desktop vault, navigate to the site directly, or search for the record in your KeeperFill toolbar then autofill your login credentials by clicking the fill icon.

Two-Factor Code Setup & Use


For extra security on supported sites and apps, store two-factor authentication (2FA) codes for standard TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Passwords) in your Keeper records.

Navigate to the site's "security settings" or similar page to enable two-factor authentication. Of the methods listed, select "Authentication app" and follow the steps as directed.

Next you will be asked to link the authenticator app (Keeper) to your account.

Log in to the Keeper Desktop app, navigate to the corresponding record, click the edit icon and Add Two-Factor Code.

Click Scan. This will open a scan window.

Please note, Keeper's scan feature is only available on the Keeper Desktop application, which you can download here.

Return to the target site and drag the scan window over the QR code that is presented.

Once the QR code is identified, it will automatically generate a two-factor code in the Keeper record. Hover next to the two-factor code and click the copy icon that will appear.

Paste the code into the field provided. Once confirmed, setup is complete.

Autofill Two-Factor Codes

The next time you log in to a site or app where you have enabled two-factor authentication, copy the code from your Keeper vault or autofill it from the KeeperFill browser extension.

Upon autofilling your username and password via KeeperFill, when prompted, the stored two-factor code will also be autofilled into the field provided.

Alternatively, you can click the copy icon next to the code and paste it into the field provided.

Changing Your Passwords

KeeperFill makes it easy to change your passwords. When visiting a site's "Change Password" page, you will receive a prompt from Keeper asking if you would like help changing your password. Keeper will then run a wizard that walks you through a few quick steps to change your password and simultaneously update the record in your vault.

To begin, navigate to the site's "Change Password" page, or similar. Once there, Keeper will recognize the page and ask if you would like help changing your password, click Yes.

Next, follow the steps provided that will guide you to click on the Keeper icons in each password field. This will create and fill a strong, random password using Keeper's password generator.

Once you submit the change on the site, you will have a chance to review the changes and save them to your vault.

If the change was successful, click Yes. If not, click No - Revert Change to revert the record back to its original state.

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