Using Windows Hello or Touch ID with SSO

Logging in with Windows Hello to a vault tied to SSO.

Keeper supports the ability to login with Windows Hello or Touch ID on a vault that is tied to an SSO provider such as Microsoft Azure. To set this up, please follow the instructions below.

(1) Login to your vault using your SSO as usual, and click the Account Dropdown Menu (your email) > Settings > Security.

(2) Enable Windows Hello (or Touch ID if you're on a Mac). Note that if you previously tried using this setting, you should turn it OFF and ON in order to reset the master password storage in your device.

(3) The next time you login to the Keeper Desktop App, simply click the "Windows Hello" or "Touch ID" button.

(4) You will now be able to login seamlessly to your vault using Windows Hello or Touch ID, without having to constantly login using your SSO provider.

If you receive an error when attempting to login with Windows Hello or Touch ID, please turn the setting off then on.

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