Safari Extension Release 15.0.10

Released on December 9, 2020

Special Notes

  • The Safari extension is packaged into the Keeper Desktop application for Mac Store and also available for download from the Keeper website (

  • Importing Vault Records from Safari and iCloud Keychain is supported but only when using the Keeper Desktop application downloaded from the Keeper website.(

  • Keeper now prompts for 2FA **before** Master Password. This is part of our new Login V3 security protocol.

  • Keeper now supports the addition of a session persistence setting, "Stay Logged In". The purpose of this setting if enabled, allows the user to resume their session based on their "Logout Timer" value, regardless of exiting the application, restarting their computer, etc... This feature can be restricted by the Keeper Admin via Role Policy.

  • Keeper will stay logged in if the setting is turned on from your Vault > Settings > Security screen, and only when logging in from the Web Vault.


  • Support for SSO Connect Cloud

  • Support for Login V3 advanced authentication

  • BE-2334: A new event is created to track when a user selects the "copy" button for a password from the record detail screen.

Bug Fixes

  • SE-409: "Themes" setting is not applied to certain screens throughout the extension

  • SE-412: Infinite spinner appears in various login and logout scenarios

  • SE-380: Various issues related to the "Logout Timer" settings

  • SE-410: Users are unable to set and save the logout timer setting

  • SE-217: Extension does not auto-login when the user logs into SSO with their alternate master password via the Web Vault

  • SE-260: Users are unable to auto-login to the Web Vault after DUO 2FA authentication

  • SE-262: User email fails to update in the extension following an auto-logout from the Web Vault using a different account

  • SE-303: Login to the Web Vault fails to login extension when SMS 2FA is enabled

  • SE-378: Safari Extension v15.0.0 crashes after installation on High Sierra

  • SE-382: Search field does not clear after user switches accounts

  • SE-392: Accepting Keeper Push fails to login user to extension

  • SE-390: Error message appears when user enters the correct verification code for "Send Email" device approval method

  • SE-386: Re-authentication process to reveal a record's password fails after first attempt

  • SE-393: 2FA screens appears twice during the 2FA method device approval flow

  • SE-388: Users are prompted for a 2FA code twice when logging into extension and Web Vault

  • SE-397: Various issues with device approvals for EU accounts

  • SE-399: Accepting a DUO push fails to log the user in to extension

  • SE-415: EU users are prompted for device approval a second time when starting from US region

  • SE-401: EU users receive error messages when "Vault" is selected in the extension toolbar

  • SE-396: Users are prompted for re-authentication when hiding/masking record fields

  • SE-383: Question mark button for Privacy Screen label is unresponsive

  • SE-417: An infinite spinner appears when user attempts to login into ADFS account

  • SE-419: A crash occurs when a user clicks "Save" button after setting logout timer

  • SE-426: An infinite spinner appears when a user redirects between US and EU accounts

  • SE-429: The record's "fill" button fails when selected from the extension's search results

Coming Soon

  • "Stay Logged In" will be visible in the Settings screen and supported when logging in from the Safari Extension.

  • The password generator character limit is increasing from 50 to 100 characters

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