Vault Version 15.0.0

Released September 3, 2020

Benefits & Features

  • New "Help" Button - A "Get Help" button has been integrated into the Vault login page. Upon clicking this button, the user will be prompted to select either "Forgot Master Password" or "Get Help". "Get Help" redirects the user to Keeper's Support page where our user guides and Support Team can be reached.

  • Enhanced Enterprise Authentication Flow - Keeper has launched a new authentication flow for our customers with Enterprise plans that simplifies deployment and usability while enhancing security.

    • If Keeper recognizes an end user’s email domain as an SSO-enabled Enterprise, the user will be automatically routed to their identity provider instead of having to type in the Enterprise Domain string.

    • For Master Password users, if a device is recognized, and 2FA is activated, the user will receive a prompt prior to typing in their Master Password.

    • Keeper Push, Keeper’s proprietary notification-based device approval system, simplifies the device approval process without compromising security. Keeper will now support 2FA code entry from a TOTP or text message, or a push notification to an existing, recognized device.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: An error message fails to appear when a user has reached device approval limit.

  • Fixed: Upon logging into the vault, the device approval Keeper Push prompt displays a key value.

  • Fixed: When an SSO user attempts to delete all their owned records they a incorrectly prompted to enter a Master Password.

  • Fixed: An internal error message appears after a user denies DUO push verification.

  • Fixed: InvalidKey error message appears in place of the correct KeePass translation string during import process.

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