Vault Version 15.0.7

Released October 16, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • KDE-933: Fix for minor UI display issue

  • KDE-932: User unable to proceed past 2FA timeout screen and return to login upon clicking "OK" button when prompted

  • VAULT-4478: Unable to login with SSO Cloud v15 in these scenarios: (1) Existing vault user, adds v15 extension, logging into the vault doesn't also login to the extension. (2) New vault device and new browser extension device, unable to login to the vault. The "push" screen blinks and hangs.

  • VAUL-4482: User receives "You do not have the required privilege to perform this operation." when resetting their Master Password.

  • VAUL-4483: User registration emails to create Vault with a Master Password do not work if the browser extension is pre-loaded on the device prior to receiving the invitation.

  • VAUL-4484: User logging into the Extension is forced to change Master Password when complexity rules change. However, the Web Vault was not forcing prompt.

  • VUL-4479: Account Recovery + Duo Push providing "invalid code" after submitting.

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