Admin Console 15.0.3

Release ETA October 16, 2020

Features and Improvements

  • EM-4148: Search for Roles Feature - Admins now have the ability to search for a role within the "Add User" dialogue by entering a search string to quickly locate and add a user to a desired role. This is particularly helpful for customers that have many roles and their workflow requires adding one or more roles to a single user.

  • EM-4471: Support for SAML 2.0 IsPassive option in Cloud SSO

Bug Fixes

  • EM-4385: Error message fails to appear when Admin attempts to configure Cloud SSO in the root node

  • EM-4378: User is logged out when submitting empty text field(s) in attempt to reset their security question or change their email

  • EM-4377: Eyeball icon fails to reveal password in Reset Master Password screen

  • EM-4284: RSA SecurID screen notifies the user a text message has been sent rather than requesting the 2FA code

  • EM-3880: A 400 error is generated for Save_summary_security_report when a user attempts to login to MC from MSP

  • EM-4054: Incorrect error message appears when Admin attempts to move a parent node into a child node

  • EM-4444: User unable to reset their security question when 2FA is enabled

  • EM-4462: User is unable to close backup code screen upon setting up SMS method for 2FA

  • EM-4484: White screen and error in inspector appear when user toggles on the logout timer role enforcement policy

  • EM-4413: Improved web socket handling

  • EM-4421: "Stay Logged In" language and feature is reversed

  • EM-4416: No submit button when creating business trial

  • EM-4387: Translations missing on SSO Connect view screens

  • EM-3876: Share event type in ARAM has duplicate name

  • EM-3820: Emails with slash "/" not receiving email invite

  • EM-3701: Email is saved even when "remember email" is unchecked

  • EM-4436: No security audit data in admin console for new Managed Company

  • EM-4452: Commander SDK platform not enabled by default (reversed)

  • EM-4465: Login with Yubikey fails on Firefox browser

Known Issues

The next release, v15.0.4 will contain the following fixes:

  • EM-4405: SSO Login with Edge issues

  • EM-4380: Login with Legacy Edge issues

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