Admin Console 15.0.5

Estimated Release Date: December 18, 2020


  • EM-4424: Addition of a KeeperFill role enforcement policy that enforces all settings/features of the Browser Extension

Bug Fixes

  • EM-4556: Syslog push sends the wrong TLS setting to the server

  • EM-4559: Sending Keeper Push on a non-SSO account on console generates a reference error

  • EM-4562: 2FA duration enforcements are not enforced on clients

  • EM-4567: Admin gets a white screen when they receive a device approval request from a user they don't manage

  • EM-4569: Selecting "Deny" on device approval request generates an error in the inspector

  • EM-4570: Unable to create a trial when linking from an iframe in a 3rd party site

  • EM-4574: Change Master Password request fires twice

  • EM-4554: Opening console login page in new window when "stay logged in" is enabled, a blank console screen appears

  • EM-4544: Account_Recovery is displayed as a key value in ARAM event types

  • EM-4540: Account recovery dialogue displays incorrect error text

  • EM-4529: Admin's changed email is not displayed at login when "Stay logged in" is enabled

  • EM-4507: Master Password Expiration and Logout Timer enforcements are missing duration descriptions

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