Admin Console 15.3.3

Released on June 22, 2021

Features and Improvements

  • EM-4629: Added Role Enforcement to disable Windows Hello

  • EM-4550: Added clarification to Data Center chooser on registration

  • EM-4804: Node names not appearing in ARAM events for Created Node

  • EM-4786: New managed companies showing %NaN

  • EM-4511: ARAM Timeline report UI issues

  • EM-4435: Usernames are duplicated in ARAM filters

  • EM-4810: Improved UI of dashboard when logging in

  • EM-4720: New Role Policy to Automatically resend invites every X days

  • EM-4859: Console freezes if queued user approval contains user that was deleted

  • EM-4843: Inconsistent mouse hover treatment on Create Team link

  • EM-3409: Include Date and Time on the User Report

  • EM-4708: Prevent deletion of nodes that contain Managed Companies

Bug Fixes

  • EM-4811: MSP License Pool does not update on Quick Sync

  • EM-4808: Transfer Status does not update on Quick Sync

  • EM-4596: IP Blocked events not appearing in ARAM

  • EM-4515: Removing Record from Shared Folder not appearing in ARAM

  • EM-4731: ARAM alert webhook translations not correct

  • EM-4778: Export users on large data set fails

  • EM-4762: Searching for user not always showing the best match

  • EM-4380: Error logging in with Legacy Edge

  • EM-4836: Transfer Account fails silently on corrupted records

  • EM-4841: Last 24 hours timeline chart not showing properly

  • EM-4853: Isolated nodes are losing setting on logout and login

  • EM-4644: Security Audit Tab some users are invisible

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