Admin Console 16.1.1

Released on Nov 11, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • EM-5068: Transfer Account fails with 'authentication tag not found'

  • EM-5060: Upgrading to an existing Managed Company to "Plus" plan does not add the add-ons

  • EM-5059: Drag and drop a company logo is not working

  • EM-4957: When MSP admin creates an alert for a managed company, they cannot select an alert frequency.

  • EM-5070: Showing "Unknown login error" when the user's device is locked

  • EM-4876: Column names on security audit report are not localized

  • EM-4468: Adding a custom email invite with too much text is failing on save


  • Clarified the meaning of the "Prevent users from creating identity and payments records" setting.

    This setting will only apply to the identity and payments section of the vault. If users still have access to “Address” and “Payment” record types, they will be able to create those records. To disable, navigate to the “Record Types” section of the appropriate role policy.”

  • Added Devo as a SIEM provider

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