Admin Console 16.6

Released on March 31, 2022


  • EM-5178: Automated SSO Migration from On-Prem to Cloud

More information about the migration tool can be found here:

The Admin Console allows the creation of SSO Connect and SSO Connect Cloud on same node on provisioning screen and will display the status of migration to cloud.

Please request a support engineer for assistance with migration before you start the process.

  • EM-5159: Redirect method for SSO login

With this change, users who login to the Admin Console with SSO will login with a URL redirect (similar to the Web Vault) instead of a popup window. This change prevents timing-related issues with login.

Bug Fixes

  • EM-5007: Changing a user's name is not showing in search results

  • EM-5086: Admin Console throws errors when approving SCIM users and teams.

  • EM-5222: Show the authentication method used in ARAM login events.

  • EM-4895: Users imported through CSV not being assigned to specified role

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