Admin Console 16.7.1

May 24 2022


  • EM-4860: Role Enforcement: Set Stay Logged In default setting to "On" for new users in this role

  • EM-4881: Role Enforcement: Enable "Self Destruct" for users in this role

  • EM-5291: Mask prices on enterprise receipts when enterprise licenses sold through a distributor or reseller

Bug Fixes

  • EM-5321: SSO migration status shows "complete" immediately after configuration

  • EM-5092: ARAM timeline events with low numbers are displayed incorrectly

  • EM-4933: Missing descriptive text on "forgot password" screen

  • EM-4852: User able to create a role with a blank name

  • EM-5287: Persist hover controls on role detail screen

  • EM-5268: Display issue with node selector

  • EM-5328: Console screen freezes when trying to unlock a locked account

  • EM-5342: MSP Console screen goes blank when selecting license allocation history

  • EM-5343: Incorrect expiration date on subscription banner

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