Admin Console 14.2.3

Released on August 12, 2019

Features & Benefits

A full user status report can be downloaded from the Admin Console Dashboard view. To download the report, click on (...) then "Download"

The report is a .csv file that contains the following columns:

  1. Email

  2. Name

  3. Active/Invited Status ("active" or "invited")

  4. Locked/Disabled Status ("locked")

  5. Blocked/Pending Transfer ("blocked")

  6. Last Login Date

  7. Node Tree

  8. Roles (pipe-delimited)

  9. Teams (pipe-delimited)

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to add users to roles from certain screens. Fixed.

  • Unable to delete company logo. Fixed.

  • Filtering on user status does not work. Fixed.

  • Various bugs in team management.

  • Export button in Timeline charts not working. Fixed.

  • White screen experienced when moving users between nodes and logging in.

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