Admin Console 14.3.0

Released October 29, 2019

Benefits & Enhancements

  • Support for MSP Deployments - Seamless log in for MSP admins to a Managed Company.

  • Hyperlink Update - "Schedule a Demo" hyperlink for MSP users has been updated to Calendly.

  • Team Management by Admin - Admins are now able to manage existing teams (add/remove users) without being assigned to that team.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Various buttons within Managed Companies and Admin Tabs are not working correctly.

  • Fixed: The advanced PBKDF2 Iterations setting should default to 100,000 instead of 10,000.

  • Fixed: An issue causing the Managed License Pool incorrectly track the removal of licenses.

  • Fixed: User is unable to activate and use Yubikey as expected within the Console.

  • Fixed: Infinite loading spinner appears when returning from DUO authentication page; user forced to refresh or close Console page.

  • Fixed: Various design inconsistencies and errors.

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