Admin Console 14.3.4

Released February 28, 2020

Enhancements & Benefits

Edit User Module Enhancement - Previously, roles and teams that were removed via the edit user module, were unable to be re-added without saving and re-opening the module. An enhancement to the module has provided the ability for Admins to easily re-add roles and teams if removed by mistake, for example.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Although users are correctly prompted at login for their security key, active keys are not appearing in the security key section of the console after user logs out and back in again.

  • Fixed: Teams and users are not consistently displayed across categories, causing the inability to add teams from the users section.

  • Fixed: Creating a new role that has administrative permissions (that includes transfer), prevents users from being added to that role.

  • Fixed: The option to unlock a user's account is not available once it has been locked from the edit user module.

  • Fixed: Various errors in design and visual prompts.

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