SSO Connect Version 14.1.2

Released on August 22, 2019

Features & Benefits

  • Just-in-time provisioning ("invite_new_users" property) is now in rather than The old setting may remain in; it will be ignored.

  • User is now notified in the SSO Connect interface if the SSL certificate is expired or expiring soon. Modified the backend API properties handler to send two new properties: ssl_expires_soon and idp_cert_expires_soon. If true, the UI will turn the appropriate date red on the screen to inform the admin that they need to update the certificate.

  • Modified the “Entity ID” display to filter out :443 if the port is 443. The HTML element is “sp_entity_value”.

Bug Fixes & Security Updates

  • Fixed: UI issue related to ECC signed certificates

  • Fixed: Error if "key_type" parameter missing from config file

  • Fixed: Replaced old Keeper logos with new logo files

  • Fixed: When the user is on the Configuration page and presses "Save", it is possible to get an Alert box in the browser that simply says, "undefined".

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