Android Version 14.5.1

Released on 12/20/2019

Features and Benefits:

  • Protect a Friend: New icon in the top left section of the Vault screen is now available to make it easier to send invites to friends, family and colleagues. In addition, Protect a Friend option was added to the "+" button in order to make the function more easily accessible.

  • Password Generator: Default length is now going to be 20 characters

  • Font and Themes: New Overpass font is applied across the app and a new Dark Blue theme is available in Settings

  • Two-Factor Authentication: Descriptions and labels that previously referred to KeeperDNA are now transitioned to Two-Factor authentication, reserving the trademarked KeeperDNA for watch and other wearable methods

  • TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password): TOTP code is now available from the dropdown when the Keeper Web Browser is used to access sites requiring codes for login authentication such as Amazon, DropBox, GitHub, Twitter and others.

Bugs & Fixes:

  • Fixed: Users unable to delete files on HTC-08 in some cases.

  • Fixed: Enterprise users unable to sign-in in offline mode when 2FA is enabled in some cases.

  • Fixed: Inconsistent overflow menu options based on the filter users used to get to a record. Options such as "Move To" and "Create Shortcut" would not appear for some users.

  • Fixed: Logout Timer was not functioning correctly for some users.

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