iOS Version 16.6.0

Released on June 5, 2022


  • IOS-6428: Launch of Keeper One-Time Share for iOS.

See the user guide for more info:

Bug Fixes

  • IOS-6464: Crash during sync with large vaults

  • IOS-6468: Custom TOTP Field not displaying in TOTP filter view

  • IOS-6474: Unable to unmask password in record history

  • IOS-6488: Shared user unable to edit or share after owner changes permissions

  • IOS-6490: Crash when selecting "New Shared Folder" in Share Options screen

  • IOS-6491: Can't cancel out of Editing Shared Folder

  • IOS-6506: Missing countries in the 2FA text message screen list

  • IOS-6512: BreachWatch bar showing red when it should be green in some cases

  • IOS-6508: Increased password generator length to 99 characters to match other platforms

  • IOS-6515: Crash updating a record

  • IOS-6516: Error after saving legacy record when adding notes

  • IOS-6263: Login loop when using KeeperFill

  • IOS-6369: Crash after login when sitting on the Shared User screen

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