iOS Version 14.4.0

Released July 20, 2019

Features & Benefits

  • Keeper iOS now supports Drag and Drop. Tap and hold a record to drag into a folder, or tap and hold a folder to move it into a subfolder.

  • BreachWatch available for Keeper Business & Enterprise accounts.

  • Visual differentiation between "ignored" and "resolved" records.

Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes relating to end-user purchase flows on secure file storage and BreachWatch.

  • Crash when saving empty URL on in-app browser screen.

  • Team member w/ record edit restrictions appears to have edit permissions but it reverts the change after save.

  • SSO users were able to see "Change Email" screen in Settings. Removed.

  • Keeper does not launch if user taps on a "Create Account" link from post-purchase page that's directed to EU data center. Fixed.

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