Autofill Setup for Android

Setup guide for Keeper's autofill feature, KeeperFill on Android phones and tablets.

You can download the Keeper App for Android from the Google Play Store or from the Keeper Download page. Use KeeperFill to quickly create and autofill passwords into web browsers such as Firefox, Edge, Brave, DuckDuckGo and all other native apps like banking and social media.

KeeperFill is currently supported for Android versions 9 (API Level 28) and newer. For the best Autofill framework capabilities and the highest levels of security, we recommend using the newest version of Android available for your device.


On newer Android phones, KeeperFill utilizes the Android Autofill service to automatically integrated with any website or application. Support for the Autofill framework varies based on the browser.

The Best Mobile Browsers with Full Autofill Support

Other browsers with limited support

The Google Chrome browser works with Autofill, but the results can be inconsistent. Sometimes, you have to close and re-open the Chrome browser. For the best user experience, we recommend using one of the mentioned mobile browsers listed above.


To enable KeeperFill, navigate to Keeper's Settings menu, then toggle "KeeperFill" on.

You will then prompted to enable various settings on your device including:

  • Selecting Keeper as the Autofill service

  • Enabling KeeperFill in the installed services

  • Enabling KeeperFill in the available virtual keyboard section

  • Enabling Keeper to display over other app

Autofill in Apps & Web Browsers

From the app or website login screen, tap Sign in to Keeper located above the keyboard and enter your Keeper master password.

If Keeper identifies a record match, your login will then be displayed. Simply tap on your login next to the Keeper icon to autofill your credentials and log in.

Some apps and sites have more than one login screen and may require you to tap your login on each screen.

If your device's keyboard does not support autofill, KeeperFill's appearance and location will vary like in the example below.

Record Search & Creation

If you would like to search for a record in your vault or create a new record, tap Search/Add. Then select whether you would like to Search or Create New Record.

If searching, select the record in your records list and tap Fill to autofill the login in the app or site.

If creating a new record, enter the record details and tap Save and Fill to save the record to your vault and autofill the newly created login in the app or site.

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