Install for Safari

Installation and usage instructions for the KeeperFill extension on Safari.


(1) Visit the link below to download Keeper for Safari from the Mac App Store.

(2) Open your Safari browser and navigate to Safari > Preferences > Extensions.

(3) If you have an existing KeeperFill extension, uninstall it.

(4) Activate the newly downloaded Keeper Password Manager extension by clicking the checkbox.

(5) At some point you will be asked for permissions. Make sure to select "Always Allow on Every Website" so that Keeper can work across websites that you visit.

(6) Now the KeeperFill extension should be displayed in your browser toolbar. However, you may need to restart Safari in order for the Keeper icon to appear.

(7) We recommend that you disable Safari's built-in autofill features. Open Safari > Preferences > AutoFill and disable "user names and passwords".

It is important to allow Keeper to operate on all websites. This permission allows Keeper to autofill passwords and save passwords on the sites you login to. Keeper is a zero-knowledge product and does not monitor, store or track any site you visit, or your browsing history. See our Privacy Policy with any questions or concerns.


Crash after install: If a user installs Keeper for Safari on both M1 Mac and Intel Mac at the same time via the "Share Across Devices" feature of Safari, it may require taking the following action:

  1. Open your Safari browser and go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions.

  2. Disable and enable the Keeper for Safari extensions.

  3. Try to launch Keeper again.

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