Import from KeePass (.kdbx)

Instructions on how to import records directly from KeePass encrypted .kdbx files.

.KDBX File Import Overview

Keeper supports the ability to import directly from encrypted Keepass files in .kdbx file format. Keeper can import both password-protected and private key-protected formats. All versions of .kdbx files are supported.

This import includes Folders, Password, Custom Fields and even File Attachments! 🥳

To import into Keeper, please locate your encrypted .kdbx file, and if you are protecting your Keepass file with a private key, you will need that file as well.

Import Steps

(1) Login to Keeper on your computer

Login to the Keeper Web Vault:

Or, download the Keeper Desktop App:

(2) Click on your account email in the upper right-hand corner.

(3) Click on Settings > Import.

(4) Choose KeePass (.kdbx).

(5) Type in your KeePass Password.

(6) Click on the Key File + button and navigate to your Key File if one was used.

(7) Locate your .KDBX file and drag and drop it the target labeled "Drop a File Here".

Please note that import from the latest KeePass KDBX4 file format is slow and might take up to 30 seconds or more. When importing, please be patient :)

(8) If necessary, use the drop-down menu in each column to map to a Keeper field. For KeePass files, the structure is automatically mapped so you should not need to perform any manual mapping.

(9) Click on Import to complete the process.

If you run into any issues, you may need to first update your Keepass application to a newer version, or export your Keepass database to a newer format.

Note: Importing records with File Attachments is restricted to paid Keeper customers with Secure File Storage plan.

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